The Muthaf***ing Penguins!

This particular dream seemed quite long, but I can only recall bits and pieces of the beginning. However, the last part of this dream I will never forget...

My sister (Marla) and I were in a room at The Kansas City Star, waiting to see someone. I have no idea who we needed to see and what we were meeting about, but anyway... An elderly couple and two penguins were also in the room. These were the weirdest penguins I have EVER seen! Come to think of it, they sort of looked like the penguins on that kids science show, Beakman's World. Marla and I tried to keep our distance from the penguins -- not because we felt threatened by them, it was the fact that they could talk! After a while, Marla left to use the restroom. She returned shortly, walking with the penguins and looking very upset. I asked her what was wrong. She says, "The muthaf***ing penguins followed me in the restroom and tried to get into my stall!! I can't take this anymore. I'm dropping them off with somebody." Then she left the room with them, grabbing them as if they were children in need of discipline.