To Catch a Dealer

My job sent me out of town to sign up two new dealers for the company. In real life, this isn't my area at all, but in this dream they sent me because no one else could make the trip. They had already made verbal agreements to work with the company, so there was no need to discuss business any further -- just give them the contracts to sign. My two sisters joined me on the trip. I met both dealers at a mall. The first dealer signed his contract and went about his way. The second dealer asked me to pray with her before she signs the contract. I obliged and we held hands and bowed our heads in prayer. Before we started the prayer, another lady came by asking for directions to a store within the mall. As I helped her out, the dealer just took off without a word! I turned around and saw her go into a doorway.

I was thinking, "I know she's not backing out of this deal! I can't go back to work and tell them I lost her!" I started to run after her, but my sister, Kim, grabbed a hold of my hand and wouldn't let go.

"Girl, what the f*** are you doing?! You play too much! Let go of my hand -- I gotta find this b****!" I yelled at her.

I went to the doorway where I last saw her and saw another lady standing there. The doorway actually looked like an elevator door. The lady pushed the button and we waited a few seconds for the door to open. Lo and behold, the area where the dealer "escaped" to was in fact, the ladies restroom. As soon as I realized that, I saw the dealer getting ready to walk out. So I tried to run back to where we were before, hoping she didn't think I was running after her. I was so embarrassed at myself, yet I woke up laughing!

Can't help but wonder... if she had to use the restroom, why didn't she just tell me in the first place?