Family Reunion

I was at my family reunion (the M-B side). We were having a banquet and everybody was getting ready to hit the floor. At first, no one was dancing. The DJ was playing some pretty good songs, too. My nephew, Roger, was sitting in my lap. Since he loves to dance and show off, I was trying to encourage him to get up and dance, but he didn't want to. Finally, some of my cousins made their way to the dance floor, then my sisters joined them. After a few songs, the DJ took a minute to address the crowd. Why was the DJ an elderly lady? In a wheelchair?! She looked like she was in her late 80's!! She was doing a damn good job, though! Anyway, she wanted to let everybody know what when they make requests to her that they need to speak a little louder because she's hard of hearing. Then out of nowhere, Roger (who was no longer sitting in my lap) and Deuce started singing, "Whoa-oo-whoa-oo-whoaaa-oo-oo-whoooaaaa!" (The interlude to the TV series, "Roc") and started laughing. Everybody turned and looked at them, thinking they were making fun of the old lady DJ, but they were sharing headphones while looking at a video or something on an iPod. They obviously weren't paying attention to the old lady DJ or anyone else.