Morning Rush

I overslept, waking up at 11am... on a workday!! I jumped out of bed and grabbed my phone so that I could call my manager. Before dialing the number, LaMar called and asked me to stop by his house. I told him I couldn't because I was already late for work.

"So that must've been who was calling for you this morning," he said.

"Brooke called your house looking for me?"

"Yeah, she said she wants to stop by so we can see the baby. Why don't you just come over here, then go to work afterwards."

"Huh? What baby? No, that would be too much driving -- going to Wyandotte County, then head back to Johnson County. I'm late enough as it is. I'll call you back after I call my job."

By this time, Teresa and about 4 men were in me and Marla's apartment. Why? I don't know. But they were really loud. I went to the bathroom so Brooke wouldn't hear all the noise. Before I could reach her, everybody decided to carry their conversations into the bathroom!