My Man, My Hero

I was on a road trip with an unknown female companion. Everything was going pretty good until we stopped at a convenience store. My friend needed to buy gas and I really needed to use the restroom. 

The store was pretty crowded. While on my way to the restroom, some big man was trying to talk to/flirt with me. I barely acknowledged him as I made my way to the restroom. It was pretty big, but had no doors or barriers for stalls. I was the only person in there and since I had to use it so badly, I did my business as quick as I could before anybody else came in. As soon as I finished, I heard the voice of the big man outside the restroom. He made his way inside the women's restroom talkin ish

"What the f*** are you doing in here?!" I asked, looking to see if anybody was going to come in and make him leave. 

"Ain't nobody out there. They can't hear you. It's just me and you, baby," he said, chuckling as he walked towards me. 

"You'd better not touch me!"

"What you go'n do, huh?"

Then for some reason, I decided to yell for LaMar (who wasn't even supposed to be in this dream because I'm miles away from him on this road trip) because I knew he of all people would've been able to protect and defend me.

I yelled as loud as I could, "LaMar!! LAMAR!!!!!"

Lo and behold, LaMar appeared at the entrance of the restroom ready to kick this man's ass!

"What's up, p***y?!" he asked the big man, sizing him up. 

Unfortunately, I woke up before the fight happened 😞

Back on the Block

My family and I were back at the house on Darby. I guess we were living there again. The house was in hoarder condition. One night, I woke up and saw this little boy climb in the house from the master bedroom window. 

"Young man, what do you think you're doing?" I asked. He was so startled, he couldn't respond. 

"I'm gonna do you a favor this time and not call the police. We work too hard to get what we have only to have somebody come and take it from us. So go tell your friends what I said. And if I catch you or any of them trying to break in here again, I'll make it so that it'll be the last time you try to rob somebody again. Understand?"

He nodded his head, then I helped him climb back down from the window. 

The next morning I told the family what happened overnight. Nobody was really trippin' over it. Tiffany was excited about going to a Marvin Gaye concert and was holding an old CD of his. (I guess he was alive in this dream!) Not sure where everybody else was doing. Kim was her usual moody self and arguing with Momma. 

I Keep Forgettin'...

I was at the bowling alley with Teddy, Marla & Kimberly. Warren was there. He just bowled a strike. I was about to ask what lane PawPaw was on, but remembered he had passed away months ago. I told my sibs what I had almost asked them. They just shook their heads, then ignored me. Then a few bowling monitors merged together and formed one huge screen. An announcement was gonna be made. Everybody gathered to watch, but I woke up before anything was said.

Death in the Hood

I was with LaMar at his house. A man a couple of streets over from him just died. He was about PawPaw's age and was a drug dealer. I went to the house to offer my condolences and his daughter (or maybe she was his granddaughter) wanted to know if I would be interested in taking over his business or doing business with them. I told them I wasn't interested and couldn't understand why they asked me that.  As I got ready to leave their home, I was about to cry thinking about how much I missed PawPaw. Then I saw my cousin Olivia. 


Morning Rush

I overslept, waking up at 11am... on a workday!! I jumped out of bed and grabbed my phone so that I could call my manager. Before dialing the number, LaMar called and asked me to stop by his house. I told him I couldn't because I was already late for work.

"So that must've been who was calling for you this morning," he said.

"Brooke called your house looking for me?"

"Yeah, she said she wants to stop by so we can see the baby. Why don't you just come over here, then go to work afterwards."

"Huh? What baby? No, that would be too much driving -- going to Wyandotte County, then head back to Johnson County. I'm late enough as it is. I'll call you back after I call my job."

By this time, Teresa and about 4 men were in me and Marla's apartment. Why? I don't know. But they were really loud. I went to the bathroom so Brooke wouldn't hear all the noise. Before I could reach her, everybody decided to carry their conversations into the bathroom!


Family Reunion

I was at my family reunion (the M-B side). We were having a banquet and everybody was getting ready to hit the floor. At first, no one was dancing. The DJ was playing some pretty good songs, too. My nephew, Roger, was sitting in my lap. Since he loves to dance and show off, I was trying to encourage him to get up and dance, but he didn't want to. Finally, some of my cousins made their way to the dance floor, then my sisters joined them. After a few songs, the DJ took a minute to address the crowd. Why was the DJ an elderly lady? In a wheelchair?! She looked like she was in her late 80's!! She was doing a damn good job, though! Anyway, she wanted to let everybody know what when they make requests to her that they need to speak a little louder because she's hard of hearing. Then out of nowhere, Roger (who was no longer sitting in my lap) and Deuce started singing, "Whoa-oo-whoa-oo-whoaaa-oo-oo-whoooaaaa!" (The interlude to the TV series, "Roc") and started laughing. Everybody turned and looked at them, thinking they were making fun of the old lady DJ, but they were sharing headphones while looking at a video or something on an iPod. They obviously weren't paying attention to the old lady DJ or anyone else.


To Catch a Dealer

My job sent me out of town to sign up two new dealers for the company. In real life, this isn't my area at all, but in this dream they sent me because no one else could make the trip. They had already made verbal agreements to work with the company, so there was no need to discuss business any further -- just give them the contracts to sign. My two sisters joined me on the trip. I met both dealers at a mall. The first dealer signed his contract and went about his way. The second dealer asked me to pray with her before she signs the contract. I obliged and we held hands and bowed our heads in prayer. Before we started the prayer, another lady came by asking for directions to a store within the mall. As I helped her out, the dealer just took off without a word! I turned around and saw her go into a doorway.

I was thinking, "I know she's not backing out of this deal! I can't go back to work and tell them I lost her!" I started to run after her, but my sister, Kim, grabbed a hold of my hand and wouldn't let go.

"Girl, what the f*** are you doing?! You play too much! Let go of my hand -- I gotta find this b****!" I yelled at her.

I went to the doorway where I last saw her and saw another lady standing there. The doorway actually looked like an elevator door. The lady pushed the button and we waited a few seconds for the door to open. Lo and behold, the area where the dealer "escaped" to was in fact, the ladies restroom. As soon as I realized that, I saw the dealer getting ready to walk out. So I tried to run back to where we were before, hoping she didn't think I was running after her. I was so embarrassed at myself, yet I woke up laughing!

Can't help but wonder... if she had to use the restroom, why didn't she just tell me in the first place?