Back on the Block

My family and I were back at the house on Darby. I guess we were living there again. The house was in hoarder condition. One night, I woke up and saw this little boy climb in the house from the master bedroom window. 

"Young man, what do you think you're doing?" I asked. He was so startled, he couldn't respond. 

"I'm gonna do you a favor this time and not call the police. We work too hard to get what we have only to have somebody come and take it from us. So go tell your friends what I said. And if I catch you or any of them trying to break in here again, I'll make it so that it'll be the last time you try to rob somebody again. Understand?"

He nodded his head, then I helped him climb back down from the window. 

The next morning I told the family what happened overnight. Nobody was really trippin' over it. Tiffany was excited about going to a Marvin Gaye concert and was holding an old CD of his. (I guess he was alive in this dream!) Not sure where everybody else was doing. Kim was her usual moody self and arguing with Momma. 

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