Me & Reggie, Interrupted

My favorite eye-candy, Reggie Bush, was having a get-together at his house. It wasn't a big party. Just a small number of people socializing, eating, drinking, watching tv, playing cards and stuff. Somehow, my sisters and I were invited and of course we were having a good time. But I just could not get close to Reggie like I wanted. Well, it was getting late and most of us were too tired to drive home, so Reggie said it was fine with him if we stayed overnight since he had plenty of bedrooms. Later on, he walked into a room that Marla and I were in, checking to see if we were comfortable and everything. Marla said to him, "I didn't bring any sleeping clothes with me."

He responds, "I may have a shirt you can sleep in. Would you like that?"

"Sure!" she exclaimed.

Now I'm jealous as hell because Marla got his attention before I could. Hell, I wanted a shirt of his, too! So what did I do? As if I was in school, I eagerly raised my hand and said, "Ooo, ooo -- I need a shirt too, Reggie!"

Then he left to get our shirts. Marla gave me a grin as I shot her an evil glare.

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