The Audacity of a Nasty Ho

My family and I were on a road trip to somewhere. A few of my cousins and my boyfriend, Tiger, came with us. We'd been driving for a while and finally stopped at the home of a couple that were friends of Momma. They let us sleep at their home overnight. Although they had no extra beds or bedrooms, they had enough sofas and chairs in the living room for us to sleep on and plenty of blankets and pillows. Tiger and I slept on one of the sofas together. When I woke up the next morning, I saw that Tiger was awake and sitting up next to me. Then I looked over on the left side of the room and saw the woman of the house was sitting in a chair, nearly naked... and staring at Tiger!! She even took off her panties and pulled her legs up in the chair so that he could get a view of her you-know-what! Tiger looked embarrassed and was speechless.

"What the f*** are you doin'?" I asked her.

"You know you want this," she grinned to Tiger, completely ignoring me. "I don't even know why you brought that b**** with you."

My mouth just fell open. I couldn't believe she had the nerve to try to f*** my man right in front of me! And my family! And her husband! I looked at her with complete disgust and said, "You nasty ho! My man don't want your nasty ass! Put your f****** panties back on!"

"Whatever, b****!"

"Ho, you wish your s*** was as good as mine!" I yelled while sticking my butt out at her.

Then I yelled for everybody to wake up, grab their stuff and head to the car before things got out of control. I told Momma what happened and told her that she should check her friend for trying to push up on Tiger. She surprised the hell outta me, saying, "I ain't got nothing to say. I didn't see anything. That's between y'all."

That pissed me off even more! Finally everybody got in the car, I jumped in the driver's seat and took off. Words cannot express how angry I was. Even though Tiger hadn't done anything with the woman, I still had questions for him. How and why did this woman attempt to seduce him? Did he flirt with her and she took him seriously? After a while, we stopped to get some food. I was standing by the car waiting for Tiger to come out. I thought he was taking his time and peeked my head in the car, trying to see what the holdup was, but it was Teddy that was still in the car.

"Teddy, what are you still doing in here? You're not hungry?" I asked. He turned his face to me and I saw that he'd been crying. "What's wrong? Why are you crying?"

"It's Tiffany," he replied. "Stacey called me and said that she's been sick. She has a high fever and can't stop shaking. The doctors don't know if there's anything they can do to help her get better."

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