I am Serious... and Don't Call Me Lucy!

I was meeting with the a group of women (including the four stars of Sex and the City) for lunch in a snazzy restaurant. While waiting for a table, we were sitting in the lobby, chatting it up with one another. I mentioned how nice it was for women of all backgrounds and professions to get together to have lunch, talk, etc. Then this arrogant, middle-aged lady interrupted me and agreed that it was nice that we could all make time for each other and ends her remark with "like little Lucy here said", referring to me, with a dismissed wave.

"Who the fuck is Lucy?!" I yelled. Then I slapped her -- hard!

Everybody got quiet.

"My name ain't no damn Lucy!" I slapped her again. "My name is Precious."

The lady sat stunned, with her hand to her cheek, but everyone else laughed and giggled like it was some form of entertainment. Or as if they were used to that kind of behavior from me. (I'm not like that in real life!)

I was so pissed off that this lady called me Lucy, when she knew my name, I just walked away chuckling to myself. I didn't even stay for lunch.

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