Leaving Gappy

Ethel May Tillman a.k.a. "Gappy" passed away in May '98, while I was on a class trip in Italy. Although I visited her before I left the country, I never said a proper goodbye to her. Just as I was about to hug and kiss her goodbye, I saw that she was sleeping peacefully in her bed. I didn't want to disturb her. I left her home that day feeling very sure that she'd be around when I returned. I missed her funeral and everything.

I decided to visit Gappy for awhile and Teresa came with me. When we got there, PawPaw was cleaning up and doing other chores for her. Gappy was her normal self in this dream, except she was blind. She and Teresa got well-acquainted and started making friendly jokes about me. I laughed with them and walked over to Gappy, gave her a hug and kiss on the cheek. At first, she thought it was someone else and I told her it was me. We both chuckled as I turned to leave. When I turned back around to face her, her smile faded and she said, "You left me."

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