I Lose My Cool

Teresa and I were moving some things out of Rob's house. Whatever we were moving out needed to be pulled by a tow truck. While Rob was trying to turn the tow truck around in the driveway, I got into his other truck and tried to park it in front of the house, but I couldn't brake. Since I couldn't stop, I had to keep driving until I could brake, hit something, run out of gas -- whatever. Luckily, the brakes kicked in and I was able to stop a few blocks from Rob's house. Somehow, Teresa was now in the car with me. We got out of the truck and walked to our new house. When we were halfway there I realized we'd left Rob's truck, but decided to get it back to him later.

Sometime after we got home, Curtis, Maurice and some dude we didn't know stopped by to see our place. While Teresa was in her bedroom, I was in the kitchen talking with the guys when Maurice said something that pissed me off.

"Oh, was that supposed to be funny?" I asked angrily. "What's that supposed to mean? What the fuck is so funny? You know what -- you need to shut the fuck up sometimes!"

I ran over to where he was sitting and put him in a headlock. Then I pushed him to the floor and started choking him and screaming at him. Curtis and the other guy sat there speechless. Teresa finally came out and we went outside and I began to tell her the drama she just missed.

"What happened?" she asked.

I replied with frustration, "Ugh, Maurice -- he just -- UGH!!!"

I broke down crying...

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